10 Top Female Business Leaders You Need to Know About


What does it mean to be a woman in power? Well, I am about to drop names of the who is who in the corporate world. These women have been able to stand out, and we are sure if you love businesses like Betway, you will love them too. Entrepreneurs, for instance, love playing online games. They are as great a fan of their favorite sport as you guys are.

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Last year, for instance, women held a groundbreaking record of top 32 jobs in the Fortunes 500 list. Here is a look at some of them.

  1. Mary Barra.

Chairman and CEO of General Motors.

Barra has been the No.1 female leader for the past three years in a row. She has gone ahead to beat out some of the best rivals in the motor industry such as Ford and Tesla.

Barra has set her eyes on the future. GM has already begun testing autonomous Bolts that will be launched later.

  1. Indra Nooyi

Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo.

In July rumours were swirling around that PepsiCo would need a new CEO. The vacant role was advertised for months. However, Nooyi came out to clear out the air that she would not be stepping down.

But why would she when profits have been skyrocketing since 2016.

  1. Marilyn Hewson

Chairman, President and CEO, Lockheed Martin.

Lockheed brags that the US is one of its biggest customers. Even though recently President Donald Trump has accused Lockheed’s F-35 fighter jet program as too expensive.

The company will always have an advantage as long as the  White House continues to make new arms deals.

  1. Abigail Johnson

President and CEO Fidelity Investments.

Johnson took over her father’s title in 2016. She has been having a good time since she took over. For instance, in 2016, Fidelity investments posted revenue worth $15.9B. Last year investors pulled $58B out of products.

  1. Sheryl Sandberg.

COO Facebook.

When Sandberg took over as COO of Facebook the stocks price and revenue grew. Although Facebook has currently being faced with wrangles and problems, Sandberg has been a bit more positive. She has become an advocate of women’s health and immigration reforms.

  1. Ginni Rometty

Chairman, CEO and President of IBM

It has not been a smooth ride for Rometty as IBM has continued to count losses. In July IBM reported that sales had once again dropped marking its 21st consecutive quarterly decline.

However, things still look bright with revenue being collected from newer businesses such as cloud, mobile and security.

  1. Meg Whitman

CEO Hewlett Packard Enterprises.

Whitman was once the finalist to CEO at Uber. She has been having a tough time trying to rescue HP. However, profits have started rising again.

  1. Safra Catz

Co-CEO at Oracle.

Catz was part of the biggest business deal in Oracle history. They were able to acquire NetSuite in 2016 at $9.3B.

  1. Phebe Novakovic

Chairman and CEO, General Dynamics.

General Dynamics is one of the companies which is benefitting from the favourable military deal by the government.

  1. Ruth Porat.

SVP and CFO, Google, Alphabet

Since Porat joined Google in May 2015, profits have skyrocketed. Google has become the second most valuable company.




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