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Other Ways You Can Help

We definitely need money to make this happen, but even if you can’t donate there are several other ways to help:

  1. You can start by joining our team. Whether you are an individual or organization, there is always something for you to do. You can

(a) write for us – success stories, inspirational and capacity building articles / videos

(b) Be a social media champion – Share our stories on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms

(c) Join our network of rising Africans (RAN Africa – Rising African Network) – RAN Africa will launch in December. Do check our website for more information. You can apply to be a member as well as become a curator to organize RAN events in your town / country.

  1. We are seeking to start a studio and thus we will appreciate those who can support us in that way. Help can range from professional advice, training and even some media equipment we will need. Send us a note here.


It’s an exciting journey ahead as we hope to play a key role in a new Africa.

Let’s work together to achieve greatness.

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