Meet Dr. Emmanuel Agu, the Sober Test App Developer

Dr. Emmanuel Agu

Most people know the dire consequences of drunk driving. There are enough advertisements and warnings on this issue. However, many people often do not know when they have hit their sobriety limit. They often drive off thinking they are sober enough to drive until it is too late.

Then comes the AlcoGait App designed by Dr. Emmanuel Agu of Worcester Polytechnic. This breakthrough app is designed to monitor the steps of the user in order to ascertain whether he or she is sober enough to drive. AlcoGait is being designed to link to a person’s mobile phone in order to continuously monitor any changes in walking patterns.

Dr. Agu’s passion for mobile health innovations has led him to come up with this app which would ease user’s peace of mind when they go out to have some fun. He is currently an associate professor at Worcester Polytechnic in Massachusetts. He hails from Nigeria where he had his undergraduate degree from University of Benin. He then moved to the USA weher he obtained his Masters and PhD from University of Massachusetts Amherst. His key interest is in developing smart phone apps that monitor the health of users suffering from chronic diseases such as Diabetes.Dr. Emmanuel Agu

No doubt he is on a mission to save lives in a smart and accessible way. We cant wait to see what he comes up with next.




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