Gimyst Solar System – A great invention by a young Ghanaian


Being able to control the temperature is a very crucial need in our daily living. Current methods of temperature control are either not readily available or are financially demanding to setup and maintain. The Gimyst Solar System is the new and far better alternative when it comes to temperature control. Not only are its possibilities endless with a wide range of applications and benefits, but it is also much more affordable and cost effective than conventional methods due to its readily available materials and its primary source of solar energy. The Gimyst Solar System seeks to provide the best environmentally safe, affordable and mobile way of cooling, either by air conditioning or by refrigeration, and at the same time making it available in any location regardless of the availability of electricity.

Features & Benefits

The Gimyst Solar System simply operates by using solar energy to cool and control temperature by using simple scientific processes such as evaporation and condensation. The Gimyst Solar System currently has two modes of application and many others to follow suit. It is currently applied either as an air conditioning unit or as an ice maker. The Gimyst Solar air- conditioning unit is mainly focused on controlling the ambient air temperature and to produce an environment which is more comfortable or conducive to live in, by solar energy. This product can be used in a building as a built-in architectural design for dynamic temperature control or as an add-on unit to keep a building or room at a cool temperature. The benefits of such applications include:

• Much cheaper cost of maintenance and operation as compared to modern methods.

• The unit can easily be moved from one place to the other, making it very mobile and portable.

• It is environmentally safe and poses no health hazards on the short and long term of its use.

• It can be used at any location regardless of the availability of electricity.

The Gimyst Solar air-conditioning unit can also be applied to any automobile mechanism as a more fuel efficient way of H.V.A.C. (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). The benefits in this form of application include:

• Reduction in fuel consumption for cooling, since fuel used for cooling in automobile will no longer be needed.

• Round the clock steady cool temperature control even when the automobile engine is off and at rest.

The Gimyst Solar Ice Maker application aims to achieve sub-zero temperatures to produce ice which can be used for food or drug preservation, as well as to provide a better livelihood irrespective of the location, by the use of solar energy. Benefits include:

• Preserving foods and drugs even in the most remote location without need of electricity.

• Better portable drinking water in hot climates.

• Portable and mobile, thus can be moved to any location with ease.

• Low cost of maintenance and operation for the short and long term.

The Gimyst Solar System, if brought to fruition, would have an exceptional and worldwide appeal. Among the advantages of the Gimyst Solar System are its capabilities to cool interiors while reducing or eliminating the use of electricity, thus reducing energy costs as well. This system is self- sustaining and self-regulating with the fact that once the system has been installed, it will operate automatically at no further expense, with little maintenance. Thus, for regions or countries where summer air-conditioning is intermittent rather than constant, the Gimyst Solar System would provide low-cost cooling. In tropical climate regions of the world where the electrical supply is lacking or unreliable, or where air-conditioning is simply beyond the financial means of the people, the Gimyst Solar System will provide a higher standard of comfort, and a better way of living for millions of people. In addition, the Gimyst Solar System is safe for the environment and can be used during power outages. The Gimyst Solar System could even preserve food or drugs in places without electricity, or in the event of a power outage or natural disaster. If developed into a commercial HVAC appliance, used in the automobile or naval industry, and produced on a large scale, the cost effective Gimyst Solar System would clearly have a vast market potential, both within the United States and around the world.

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