Nigerian Youth Claims Invention of World’s 1st Water Powered Generator


Over the past weeks, news about Emeka Nelson, a young Nigerian from Nsukka went viral on his water powered generator breakthrough. The young inventor started a fundraising campaign, hopes to get N2,000,000 (or $10,000) asap
Emeka promises that his new invention, an “ultra modern bio digester” is coming soon.

Nsukka-born Emeka Nelson claims to have invented a generator that runs on water, a machine for recycling non-biodegradable wastes. His third invention, a bio digester, is under development.

A graduate of the National Metallurgical Training Institute has started a fundraising campaign on social media trough his partner, Karo Kanye Akamune.


Nelson poses near MGBANWE C12, a machine that turns non-biodegradable wastes like plastics, waterproof nylon, etc. into “petrol, kerosene, diesel and some other heavy oils and interlocking stones”. Photo: Karo Kanye AkamuneNelson runs his private company, Creative E Machines, based in Awka, Nigeria.

The big question remains whether the invention was actually tested and proven to be working efficiently. There could be traces of truth behind the invention but there has not been a follow-up investigation on his story.
My personal opinion is that the technology may not have been perfected but with support from local and international investors, Nelson could succeed and become the next big innovator the world will celebrate.
After investigating his story on various blogs, I realised that the criticism befalling this young engineer’s story could discourage his effort on improving the technology behind his invention.I still maintain the opinion that youths are not exploiting the power of public relations greatly. Though social media has improved access to information, some people are still mismanaging the potentials to do great jobs.

Nelson’s breakthrough could be what Nigerians has been waiting for but poor PR could nosedive his public image, brand and ambition.

Creative and inventive minds in Africa should be identified, supported and celebrated through the power of social media.
I think Nelson should invited by angel investors for a proper demonstration of his technology. If found promising, then he should be supported.
What do you think?




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