Meet Torri Hammond – The young lady excelling in the hair care inductry


Torri Hammond is a 37-year-old African – American woman who always knew she wanted to “do hair” even at the tender age of 16. She took cosmetology class while she was in high school. Now Torry is 37 years old and she has been a stylist for  half of her life. She is the CEO of BASHD ( Bold and Sassy Hair Designs ). Two years ago, she created  a hair line called Sase Hair Care Products  because she wanted to make a change in her business. She wanted to create something she could do even after she stopped working behind the chair in the salon.

Torri started BASHD with her savings and a loan from her bankers. She trusted God above all to lead her. “Transitioning into an entrepreneur wasn’t easy” says Torri. It was full of struggles but with hard work, dedication and focus she overcame. Her struggles paid off early as her business  grew extremely quick. Her biggest worry was running out of stock since this could create a bad buzz in her reputation. She also struggled with balance as she is married with three children and has a full workload on her hands.

When I asked Torri about the huge ‘balding of the edges’ problem we have in our community, she agrees that we are misinformed about how to take care of our edges. She says that if more stylists become educated, we will tell clients whether the services they were about to receive will cause more harm than good.

One of her world’s famous product is ‘Sase Sleek and Chic Texture Paste’. Sleek and Chic texture paste came from a need in the industry. This product is a pliable, molding, texturizing paste for smoothing edges and creating tousled styles. It keeps edges straight for up to 12 hours, it straightens your edges and restores moisture (even on natural hair). “All the complaints I receive lead me to know that our texture paste is a great addition to the world of hair care products”, says Torri the proud owner. Sase Hair Care Products are shipped all over the world and can be paid with Paypal. Products are available here:

A typical day at BASHD includes laughter, clients and online orders. Torri Believes in BASHD and the ‘Sase Hair Care Products’ because they use the Sase products in her salon. Her confidence comes from the results she sees every single day.  To Torri, success is the fact that she is still here and relevant, that is a huge wake up call she realized not long ago. Ten years from now she still sees herself pressing, going and growing at her own pace, creating and dominating in her business.  Currently she is a salon owner, marketing coach, mentor, author, stylist and educator.

Torri just wrote her first book : ‘GO and GROW’, this book will inspire others to set up a business and grow through lessons she has learned through her Sase Hair Care journey. The book can be purchased on

Maria Pedro
Maria Pedro Miala is a mother, UN Womens’s Empower Women  2016-2017 Champion for Change / Women in Tech Africa Global Champion for 2017. She is a Changemaker, a Volunteer, a Mentor to African Students and has over 10 years of  experience as a Nurse in Health Care.





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