Ghanaian IT firm develops the world’s first class collaborative shipping platform – SWIFTLY


SWIFTLY, the world’s first class collaborative shipping platform has been launched in Ghana to boost cargo and package delivery activities. The event was graced by a number of dignitaries as well as the big names in the shipping industry.

The app will give people the platform to share extra space with someone else when shipping by air, sea or land.

The Rising Africa team caught up with Edem Dotse CEO of Iyris KO, creators of SWIFTLY, to share more insight on this game changing idea.

Edem Dotse CEO of Iyris KO, creators of SWIFTLY
Edem Dotse CEO of Iyris KO, creators of SWIFTLY

RAT: Tell us about swiftly?

Edem: SWIFTLY is a peer to peer platform which enables people who want to ship from one location to another share extra space in their container or package when shipping by Sea or by Air to every location worldwide.

It allows users share space when they hire delivery services on land and also be independent couriers on the platform.

In all cases above the users will then share cost with each one benefiting, there is also avenue for other users to earn money by listing their services as independent couriers in other to do private deliveries or run errands when contacted on the platform.


RAT: Tell us about your team and the motivation behind swiftly?

Edem: The team is made up of Myself, Chief Technical officer David Addoteye, Software Engineer Kindo Precious and Chief Financial Officer Lord Kumi

Swiftly has come in to make an industry that can be expensive really affordable and much more judicious. It has been a matter of waste when someone has to ship a half full container by sea, a half full package by air or hire a delivery service without fully utilizing the space there in. We aim to solve that by linking shippers to each other in other for them to share their extra space. Others also wish they could find someone to collaborate with to load a shipment, we are the matching platform for such people.

In all cases above the users will then share cost with each one benefiting.


RAT: Share with us some unique features of swiftly?

Edem: Swiftly works by pushing all matches made on the Platform to Freight Forwarders, the actual shipping process remains the same. The cargo goes through the same handling process and operated scanners with each party being registered as co-consignees to the shipment this means that there are no additional security risks to users of the Swiftly platform. The parties share cost with each getting a cheaper and more affordable service.

Our model greatly augments the work of freight forwarders, and we bring a lot of business to them, we encourage Freight Forwarders worldwide to go on to register for free.

Swiftly covers all locations worldwide and works very seamlessly


RAT: Where do you see swiftly in the next 10 years?

Edem: In the next ten years we see Swiftly as the first point of call for everyone interested in moving cargo, our business will catch on with every one and those who hitherto could not afford Shipping services will now be able to do so. We declare a golden age of business for freight forwarders, our strategic partners in this venture.

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RAT: If you were given US$1m to invest in your company now, where would it go?

Edem: Providing more convenience to our users and making sure we take over much of the burden of the shipping process. We will build a stronger team, a stronger support system for our users and add  the extra amazing features we have got planned for the Swiftly platform.


RAT: What are some of the challenges you foresee and how do you intend solving them.

Edem: A lot of people express anxiety about my ideas being stolen by others, this is a challenge common to every great original idea. I want to say that we are not afraid of competition, the passion that drives us will keep Swiftly better and two steps ahead always.


RAT: As a young man with such great vision and product, do you have any empowering advice for the youth in Africa?

Edem: My message to fellow Africans is do not be daunted by the current challenges we face in Africa, i believe we have it in us to do great for our world and our continent, so keep innovating, there is no highest point for us.



The Swiftly platform can be accessed by downloading the apps on the Google Playstore and Appstore. Find : Swiftly – Shipping & Delivery

Swiftly is absolutely free to download and use


RAT: We wish you all the best and more success ahead.

Edem: Thank You




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