Today, the Rising Africa team is joining the Coca Cola Ghana@60 team to celebrate Samuel Gyamfi Asiedu of the Dalet School Project. This young man is so passionate about making quality education accessible to deprived communities that he has founded a school in Larbi.

Samuel with some of his students

Samuel Gyamfi Asiedu is a 35 year old graduate of the University of Cape Coast with a first class Diploma in Transport and Road Safety Management. This achievement was no mean feat. For this charitable young husband and father, the prospect of education was not something that was entertained or supported in his family. Like many of his peers and young people he has come across, education was not given much priority in his family mainly because no one had gotten the benefit of quality education or achieved success through the education system. Yet Samuel had the passion to get educated, so aided by his grandmother, he managed to complete Junior High School in his hometown of Kwahu Abetifi.

After this, he migrated to Accra where he did odd jobs and petty trading to get into Senior High School and eventually to the University of Cape Coast. To support himself, Samuel often worked as a photographer. The little support that was promised by benefactors often dwindled or never even materialised. For the most part, he had to rely on himself. Eventually, he became determined that he will do his best to assist others in his predicament to gain quality education as well. Thus, he found that the corporate world was not a good fit for him after the university. He therefore left his banking job and started the Dalet School Project.

Some of the students engaged in a clean up exercise in front of the school

His first school, which is located at Larbi, a community off the Papase Bawjiase road is barely a year old yet boasts of a class of 60 students and more. Class demarcations allow children to learn with their peers from a core teaching staff of three teachers and a volunteer teaching staff of four teachers.

Teachers of the school

Apart from the 60 primary students, students from surrounding basic schools who want to benefit from the personalized and quality teaching that the school provides have moved for additional tuition at the Dalet School.

Students on their way to school

Teachers that volunteer to teach at the Dalet School come from all sectors including Senior High Schools and abroad. They bring along teaching and learning materials to help the students and never hesitate to motivate and encourage them.

Volunteer teachers of the school

Apart from quality teachers, the school periodically brings health care professionals to screen and assess the children regularly as a way of ensuring their health and wellness. The children are fed nutritious meals every day. School materials such as books and uniforms are also given to them at no cost.

The major challenge the school faces is that some parents want the children to work rather than attend school. This means that some children have become seasonal students and can only attend when they are not working. Yet for students who had never been to school since birth, and could neither read nor write; the impact of the school has been markedly positive. For Samuel, it is a joy observing the students as they express themselves in English and exhibit literacy in the numerous subjects, especially Mathematics.

Students and a teacher

Samuel’s vision is that every child especially those in the villages would have access to quality education regardless of their location. He believes that this is a sure means of eradicating poverty and bringing about equity in development. Although he does not have any institutions or organizations supporting or partnering with him, he hopes to work on improving the school and starting others in other less deprived areas.

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We salute your selfless sacrifice Samuel!




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