PhD at 23


For many twenty-three year old’s in Africa, obtaining a doctorate degree (PhD) is a dream or rather,  a goal far-fetched.

However, for young Adeayo Olubunmi Sotayo, it is reality as plain as day.

Dr.  Sotayo of Nigerian descent was conferred with a doctorate degree in Engineering on December 19th, 2017 after completing his PhD thesis at Lancaster University, U.K: One of the top ten universities in the United Kingdom. Also adjudged University of the year by the Times and the Sunday Times Good University Guide in 2018.

Dr.  Sotayo is undoubtedly an excellent student considering that his undergraduate degree at the University of Liverpool was enough to shoot him past obtaining a Masters Degree before getting a Doctorate Degree as is the status quo.

He graduated with a First Class Honours Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2013 and emerged top student in the course as an undergraduate.

As winner of the 2016 Institution of Engineering and Technology Present Around the World (PATW) Competition (Lancashire and Cumbria Region), Dr.  Sotayo has to his credit other academic honours and achievements which sets him apart as exceptional and worthy of emulation.

Notable among these achievements are Powerful Media’s Top 100 Future Leaders in 2014. Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMEchE) Best Student in 2013. The Norbury Medal for Best Student in 2013 at the University of Liverpool.  Stack Award for Personal Development at the University of Liverpool in 2013. International Student Award in a university-wide award event for Personal Development at the University of Liverpool in 2013 and the Vice Chancellor Attainment Scholarship for Academic Excellence from 2010 to 2013 at the University of Liverpool.

“He is friendly, confident and approachable. Adeayo is flexible : in adapting teaching techniques from a one to one basis to a whole class and often stays beyond working hours to help students” this is a recommendation from Jessica Hammond: a Bio-medicine PhD student at Lancaster University and who happened to share the same group with him.

Dr.  Adeayo is the pride not only of his family or nation, but to the entire Continent of Africa and with a lot more people like him, Africa is sure to leave its prints in the sands of time.

Article by Sarah Ackwerh




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