Keeping his word- Progress of Shadrack Frimpong


On June 29th 2015, Rising Africa covered the story of Shadrack Frimpong, a student at University of Pennsylvania and a native of Ghana who won $100,000 in grant from the president of his school to build a school in his hometown of Tarkwa Breman in Ghana.

The story is covered in this link

True to his word, Shadrack has built Tarkwa Breman Girls school which has a current enrolment of 60 girls between ages 4 and 7.


The great news is that he is not alone. The community elders of Tarkwa Breman have contributed to the vision of Shadrack by donating a 50 acre land for the school. Additinally, the parents of the girls enrolled in the school have also agreed to cultivate cocoa on portions of the land in order to raise money for the school.


With an estimate of $700,000 being envisioned to come in from the cocoa production, the synergy of efforts from the various stakeholders promises to make the school a perfect example of sustainability.


Yet Shadrack’s efforts do not end there. He still plans on building the clinic and pharmacy. He also hopes to return home to Breman after getting his medical degree and help bridge the healthcare gap that exists there.

Well done Shadrack. Women everywhere salute your efforts for us.




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