Cheers to our Seven African American Rhodes Scholars


Rhodes scholarships are among the most coveted in the world. The opportunities and prestige that come with becoming a Rhodes scholar makes it highly competitive.

In America, one or two African Americans have had the privilege of becoming Rhodes scholars. However this year, an unprecedented seven number of African Americans have been granted Rhodes scholarships for various courses of study. And one of them even happens to be a migrant from Somalia!

The scholars are; Cameron D. Clarke, Aryn A. Frazier, Christian E. Nattiel, Olivia A. Klevorn, Aaron C. Robertson, Ahmed M. Ahmed, and Caylin L. Moore. These superstars come from diverse fields and backgrounds yet they have a common goal of giving back to their community.

We wish them the best as they march onto success. Cheers!

Our 7 Rhodes scholars
Our 7 Rhodes scholars




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