Black 8th Grader: 2015-16 Texan Spelling Bee Champion


The Spelling Bee championships are a big deal in this country! Kids from all over the state fight against each other to rule supreme and show their smarts.

Honestly they amaze me, their brains are fine tuned and as funny as it can sometimes be you have to respect these little brain powerhouses and what they can do.

So, we want to celebrate a young man by the name of Kory Terrell who attends Davila Middle School in Bryan ISD. He is the 2015-16 Texan Spelling Bee Champion according to a post by his school (

We can’t find many more details yet but we can only assume it means the 8th grader will be heading to the Scripps National Championship to show his stuff and maybe even take the top prize!

These stories of young black men and women pushing ahead and doing so well are inspiring for the community and need to be spread far and wide.

Just as a side note… If you are interested why it’s called a spelling bee, here is what the organizations site says!

The word bee, as used in spelling bee, is one of those language puzzles that has never been satisfactorily accounted for. A fairly old and widely-used word, it refers to a community social gathering at which friends and neighbors join together in a single activity (sewing, quilting, barn raising, etc.) usually to help one person or family.
The earliest known example in print is a spinning bee, in 1769. Other early occurrences are husking bee (1816), apple bee (1827), and logging bee (1836). Spelling bee is apparently an American term. It first appeared in print in 1875, but it seems certain that the word was used orally for several years before that.

Were you ever a champion? Are your kids spelling whizzes?