22-Year-Old Twins, Raised by a Single Mother, Graduate with MBAs


By Victor Ochieng

Every parent dreams of seeing their children prosper. It’s even more interesting for twins to graduate at the same time, two years earlier than the average student. Well, that’s the gift that 22-year-old twins, Darion and Varion Walton, gave their single mother when they graduated with their Master’s of Business Administration from Sam Houston State University in Texas.

After completing high school, the twins worked four jobs while excelling in their 18-credit-hour course schedules each semester at Navarro College. Corsicana Daily Sun reported that the two brothers worked as school ambassadors, peer mentors, resident advisors, and interns at the student center. Despite their full course load and work schedule, they graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2013.

“It was obvious when Darian and Varian first came to campus for their interview for the Opening Doors to Success scholarship that they were special,” said Dr. Tommy Stringer, former instructor and administrator at Navarro College. “They had an immediate impact on campus life. Not only did they excel in the classroom, but they were among the most visible students on campus. They were not only members of multiple organizations, but they held leadership positions in those groups.”

After graduating from Navarro College, the brothers enrolled in the MBA program at Sam Houston State University in August 2014. According to Urban Intellectuals, the twins credit their success to unwavering focus, shunning peer influences, and a healthy relationship with God. They had to make several sacrifices, choosing to study when their peers were going out.

Having been together all these years, the time has come for the brothers to part ways. Still, they’ve promised to stay in touch. The Daily Sun reported the twins are planning to write a book to inspire others to persevere, and launch a non-profit organization called Walton Inspires.

credit – yourblackeducation.com




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