15-year-old Memphis teen gets rare perfect score on the ACT test and has a 5.0 gpa!


Reports say that less than one student out of 1000 will receive a perfect 36 on this college entrance examination, annually. However, 15-year-old Dwight Moore is apparently used to obliterating the odds! Remarkably, Dwight Moore is just a sophomore and has achieved the perfect score this year!

The American College Testing examination is a challenging aptitude test that focuses on mathematics, science, plus advanced language and reading comprehension.

We don’t know if the Dwight Moore wants to leave high school to start college right away. He does still have a couple of years to go. Moore is currently a sophomore student at Christian Brothers High School in Memphis Tennessee. Join us and congratulating him for his well-earned achievement. He is such an inspiration!

credit – farrahgray.com




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