Meet Abdallah Nyangalio, Tanzania’s blind tailor who serves presidents

Tanzanian tailor Abdallah Nyangalio has an unusual method for sizing his clients up.

He’s been blind since 1989, so instead of using his sight to work out their measurements, he holds the hands of his customer to see how big they are.

And although the Russian doctor he went to see at the time couldn’t save his sight, he did transform his life by teaching him how to sow, according to BBC Swahilis’ Esther Namuhisa, who has visited him at work in Dar es Salaam.


Since the 52-year-old first went into business, he has sown shirts for Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete.

Despite this, he is still critical of the government for not recognising the talents of disabled people, who he says mostly end up begging on the street.


The only thing he needs help with is working out which colours are which; he does the rest of the work by himself

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