Today, Rising Africa joins Coca Cola Ghana at 60 to celebrate Kwame Asiemoah of Radio Dayi and CHeCK Health Services.

Kwame Asiemoah

Kwame is the Coordinator and General Manger of Radio Dayi and the Chief Executive Officer for CHeCK Health Services. He is the board chairman of Dynamic Research Access Media (DREAM), a platform for graduates who embark on health communication outreaches in local dialects. He is a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with a BSc in Biochemistry. He also has a certificate in Media Development from the DW Akademie. Kwame is an entrepreneur, a public health expert and a communications advocate for social and behavioural change.

Radio Dayi is a community radio station that was started as a social advocacy tool. Initially, it served the purpose of gender education but gradually, Kwame and his team have redesigned the station and made it a hallmark of development communication in the community. As a passionate health promoter, Kwame uses Radio Dayi as a primary tool to educate the Dayi community and its environs about negative social practices that are detrimental to their health.
Kwame and his team are part of the USAID Communicate for Health project which is run by FHI360. The major focus of their programmes is to change imbedded attitudes and behaviour which are detrimental to health. They have chalked numerous successes, such as spearheading the organization of activities marking the celebration of the 2016 World Malaria Day and the creation of awareness about the need to own household latrines to the point where individuals have made themselves ambassadors and have helped others get their own latrines. They have also increased awareness about the need to use treated mosquito nets and have spearheaded the creation of an adolescent health corner which provides education about specific adolescent health issues.
The work of Kwame and his team at Radio Dayi have been instrumental in reducing the number of citizens’ visits to the hospital. So notable is their impact that they have even hosted the Mission Director of USAID Ghana and the US Ambassador to Ghana for live radio interviews.

Kwame and some guests

As an entrepreneur, Kwame Asiemoah has partnered with a team of dedicated professionals to start CHeCK Health Services. CHeCK Health Services is a health Systems Company that seeks to provide affordable, quality and accessible healthcare to the doorsteps of people. After coming to the realization that many Ghananians have the unhealthy culture of only visiting the hospital when faced with an illness, Kwame decided to start a company that makes it easier for people to seek regular and routine checkups. As a way of encouraging people to seek frequent medical check-ups, CHeCK has a dedicated team that provide periodic health screening for groups of people. They also embark on food screening exercises for food vendors.

CHeCK Health Services Team

Unlike most entrepreneurs, Kwame did not start with capital or even a loan. With the limited resources he had available, he used the innovative approach of teaming up with qualified like-minded professionals. This approach has helped advance the cause of CHeCK without recourse to high expenditure. Apart from CHeCK Health Services, Kwame also started Orbitag Company Limited in 2014. This uses an online software known as Transtag for the payment of school fees especially for the second cycle schools. Orbitag Company Limited was part of the first cohort of the Kumasi Start up Incubators sponsored by the World Bank and the Ministry of Finance.
Currently, Kwame is the SRC President of the Ensign College of Public Health and he is soon to graduate with a Masters in Public Health. He continues to be passionate about health and wellness in spite of the difficult task of juggling school work with his role at Radio Dayi and CHeCK Health Services. He envisions cultivating more partnerships to help sponsor the health campaigns being run. In view of the increasing spate of young people contracting non-communicable diseases such as high blood pressure, Kwame and his team at CHeCK want to develop means of encouraging regular checkups such as mobile apps tailor made for the young demographic.

Kwame Asiemoah

We commend your efforts in promoting health and wellness and making it accessible to your community. Well Done, Kwame.




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