Jeffrey Tribble- Funding a Youth Program through Branded Shirts


With the announcement of possible cuts to arts funding under the Trump administration, Jeffrey Tribble with his team at the Musicianship decided that they would raise funds on their own. And that is exactly what they did.

The Musicianship is a programme run for at-risk urban young people in the Washington DC area. It focuses primarily on music training through private and group lessons, marching bands, public performances, youth choir, summer and after school programmes. However, the core of what they do is mentorship and guidance  for the people.

A performance by some Musicianship teens at Hard Rock Cafe

Through their efforts, many young people have graduated High School, been accepted into colleges, and received music scholarship. Their track record is impressive and they are a vital part of their community. The effect of budget cuts to programmes such as these is a threat to the growth and development of urban black communities.

Jeffrey Tribble’s intervention is timely. He has designed a cool and hip fashion line of branded shirts that appeal to millenials. Sale of these shirts will support the Musicianship programme. The shirts have catchy phrases such as “Not now, my headphones are in” and “Music over Everything”.

Musicianship shirts
Musicianship shirts

Jeffrey Tribble is the genius behind the shirts. As a young man who had to rely on music to become more confident and to build up his self esteem, he is passionate about the Musicianship programme. He understands the power of music in shaping the path of a young person in the face of troubles and challenges. The entrepreneurial drive of Jeffrey is an inspirational testimony of the can do spirit of the black person.

The shirts up close
The shirts up close

The shirts are available for purchase at here

Keep up the good work Jeffrey!




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