How Dorcas Went from Job Seeker to a Jewelry Company Owner in Kenya


Dorcas Matheka comes from the Eastern province in Kenya, Her parents are both late. Fate took her to Nairobi in search of a job, but instead met a man who completely changed her life.

Coming from a family of 8 people, she had to make a living, and be a bread winner. For two years after arriving in Nairobi, Dorcas was taught to make jewelry. She quickly put those skills to good use by starting her own company called amazing creations.

The company specialises in making Fair Trade jewelry, to date Dorcas has employed friends and family to assist her in the production. Employees are trained the skills of designing and making jewelry, empowering them with life skills in the process.

Dorcas’s dream is to have a larger company employing more people and help changing their lives for the better.

What an amazing story, don’t you think Fair Trade goods deserve support? Remember next time you buy fair trade, you’re supporting people like Dorcas.

Dorcus and her team making jewelry





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