How Curiosity Birthed Purple Trendz GH


A flip-flop decorated with beads – that would pick the interest of Joyce Owusu in 2012 and start the Purple Trendz GH story.

“It was so beautiful, I decided I would try my hands on it. So I got the beads and started to make my own decorations”, an excited Joyce told Daryl Kwawu at her small porch where she works from in Adenta.

Her first designs didn’t turn out quite as she wanted to, but Joyce would keep on trying until her works began to catch the attention of her friends and family. Then it dawned on Joyce that she could turn this into a business.

“I started with 50 Ghana Cedis”, she recounted. “Anytime I made a profit I would re-invest it in the business.

In 2014, Joyce decided to name her business Purple Trendz GH and started rigorous marketing on social media.

MJO“Purple is a colour I love so much. Anytime I see the colour purple I become happy. I consulted some friends and they loved the name Purple Trendz GH too”, she added.

The startup firm’s works have been featured on seasons 4 and 5 of the MTN Hitmaker.

In 2015, Purple Trendz GH also provided fashion accessories for the Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant and in May this year, it was awarded Best Student Startup.

Yes, Joyce is a final year student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism where she is studying to become a communicator. It has not been easy combining school and her business. But she is inspired by the likes of creative entrepreneur Mabel Simpson.

“The ride so far has been amazing, crazy, bumpy, wonderful”, but in every situation, Joyce has learned to maximize on the positive rather than focus on the negative.

How she is able to put together her designs still beats her. Her conclusion is that it is a gift from God.




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