ADINKRA pie CEO – He quits Banking Job in UK to start Adinkra Pastries in Ghana


Do you know that the Director of Adinkra Pastries Barimah Osei Mensah  has an MBA from the University of Texas?  Do you know that he stopped his lucrative banking Job in UK to start Adinkra Pastries in Ghana and has over 800 workers in Ghana now?

wpid-kl1This is what John Dumelo (Ghanaian actor) said about him on his instagram page
“Met this incredible man this morning. He’s got masters degree but quit his lucrative banking job in the Uk to set up a company in Ghana…selling meat pie. Now he employs over 800 people. The pie is called Adinkra. Most people are not humble when it comes to being entrepreneurial. They would ask U why they should go farming when they have a bachelors degree. Or they will ask U with all the qualifications they have, why should they sell bread on the streets. I tell you what, that’s where the millions are….be humble and God will raise you high!




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