Today Rising Africa is joining the Coca Cola Ghana @60 award panel to celebrate the young Chemistry student, Abigail Gyamfi, for her enterprising spirit and her business that motivates other student enterpreneurs.20170510_094513

Abigail Gyamfi is a 22 year old Final year Chemistry student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). Like every other student, she is pursuing an academic degree which would lead her towards her future career path. Yet this Kumasi academy alum is not like every other student.

FB_IMG_1494337978136“She felt challenged to initiate OGA to touch lives through entrepreneurship. She realized the need for a reliable supply of hibiscus (sobolo) leaves to beverage vendors as “sobolo” is a healthier, affordable and delicious drink made form hibiscus leaves.”

She and the team at OGA Golden Solutions developed a business model that involved the supply of sobolo leaves directly from farmers and selling them to the student entrepreneurs. She provided direct easy access to sobolo leaves by delivering at doorsteps. She helped increase the productivity of beverage vendors on campus. Her idea took root and business boomed.

Abigail did not stop there. Currently, her company, OGA Golden Solutions has added the production and supply of protective clothing to their range of businesses.

They produce custom lab coats, gowns, goggles, and other protective gear to KNUST Students as well as many other tertiary institutions and hospitals in Ghana. OGA now has representatives from different schools on its bill.


The most impressive part of Abigail Gyamfi’s story is her move to fuel entrepreneurship in other students. She also works to promote other student brands. For entrepreneurs without a visible brand, OGA offers them its brand as a platform for marketing their goods. Businesses such as Mymid haircare and A-Zone Educational Consult have all risen high by standing on the shoulders of the OGA brand.

Currently, Abigail and her team are working on adding the production and supply of school uniforms to senior high schools. They also provide mentoring and coaching to students in junior and senior high schools through A-Zone Educational Consult.

In the future, Abigail’s vision is that OGA becomes a well-established international brand that empowers and employs many people especially the disabled. The OGA team is big on working with the disabled and the needy and dreams of establishing a scholarship fund for students.

It is difficult juggling academics and business but Abigail has taken both in stride. She hopes to pursue her academic career in Chemistry while working on extending the businesses and services of OGA Golden Solutions.

To this Oustanding, Genuine and Amazing woman, we hail your golden services. Shine on!




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