23-Year Old Nigerian Creates an App that will deliver Fuel to Your Doorstep and Gets Featured on CNN


Trust Nigerians to be creative in times of crisis. An example of such crisis is the fuel scarcity that has us in long queues wherever PMS can be found.

A young Nigerian, Subomi Owo-Odusi recently got featured on CNN for taking matters into his own hands and creating an app that can deliver fuel to you on-demand wherever you are in Lagos.

His aim: “This will take away a lot of the pain, pressure and stress of people waiting for hours,”

He came upon the idea while working in a fuel distribution company and from his experiences of life in Lagos. “I understand the stress that people here have,” said Subomi.

The app, called FueledUp, is set to be launched at the end of May.

Read more on the feature here and read more about the app on their official website here.


Source: CNN




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