15 Year Old Ghanaian Develops an App to Help you Save Internet Data


After writing the Basic Entrance Certificate Examination (BECE) most Ghanaian students typically pick up their first official job; “Chop & Sleep (ADIDAS)” whiles waiting for their A1’s, B2’s and F9’s, but that is not the case for 15-Year-old Emmanuel Nyantakyi.

A recent graduate of St. Lwanga JHS, Manuel decided to get productive with his time and venture into the tech space by developing a mobile App to solve one of his basic needs; Internet usage and wastage, and that was how Databank was born.

DataBank was just an idea I had when I was annoyed with my data bundles finishing all the time. I asked my brother(Developer of Ananse Companion & KloseApp) if he could make an app like that, instead, he told me that was going to be my first project. I didn’t expect that but I thought, ‘how difficult could it be’?

Little did Manuel foresee all the challenges ahead that would give him sleepless nights, challenges such as dealing with all the technical jargons, learning and mastering programming languages and even enduring scolding from his older brother and coach, but with great determination and online tutorials within a month he was able to fix his internet problem and hopefully help all facing similar issues with their data usage.

Databank is designed to manage data usage more efficiently.

A user with 100MB of data can choose to use only 80MB and save the rest, and activate that particular data plan in the app which begins to record the live data usage by the Android device.

After 50% usage of the data plan, the service sends a notification to the user alerting him the amount of data he has used. After 80% of usage, another notification is fired.

These two notifications can be toggled by the user by either enabling or disabling the show updates switch. After 95% usage, DataBank automatically switches off both the WiFi and cellular data of devices with Android version KitKat or lower. Saving user from unnecessary consumption and wastage of much-needed data.


Although most Android devices come with default data management options, DataBank provides the following advantages:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Efficient management options
  • Push notifications on Data usage alerts
  • Graphical Chart representation
  • Simpler and easy to understand terms

Having tasted his first major success in the mobile development arena, Manual, a Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School hopeful where he is going to pursue science and hopefully churn out his path in science and tech industry

In the coming weeks, additional updates will be made to the app to include features such as allowing users set the type of data usage to save, be it WiFi or mobile data. And also the data plan will be in MB or GB.

To check out the app, click here to download or visit Google Playstore and search for DataBank with the Piggie bank looking icon

We wish young Emmanuel the best of luck in his future projects and will be following his progress in the coming years

Ghanaian students can do it only if they try hard enough – Emmanuel Nyantakyi

credit – www.accraconnect.com



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