TEDx Womenomics: Women drive the Ghanaian economy


On Friday the 22nd of April, TEDxAccra and the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana organized an event celebrating female entrepreneurship called ‘TEDx Womenomics: Rethinking the contribution of women to the Ghanaian economy.’

The Millennium Development Goals 2015 report for Ghana states: ‘Substantial progress has been made towards gender parity in primary education and the participation of women in political activities in developing regions but progress towards improving gender equality in the labour market remains slow.’1

In Ghana there is a high concentration of women in informal sector employment and informal self-employment whereas few women are active in skill and knowledge based industries.2

What is the key to success for Ghanaian female entrepreneurs in these industries?

Three successful business women answered that question and shared their inspiring stories with 150 students and young entrepreneurs in the audience. Their names: Esther Cobbah, CEO of Stratcomm Africa, Esenam Nyador, CEO of Miss Taxi and Regina Honu, CEO of Soronko Solutions.

The Honourable Deputy Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Dela Sowah gave a keynote speech at the event stressing the commitment of the Ghanaian government to achieve gender equality.

The Ambassador of the Netherlands to Ghana, H.E. Hans Docter, said ‘Women are key drivers of economic development in Ghana. I am very impressed by the stories of these entrepreneurs and I trust they will inspire young women and men to also start innovative, profitable businesses and create more employment in the country.’

The Netherlands supports Ghanaian female entrepreneurs through its FLOW fund (Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women). More information can be found on www.flowprogramme.nl.


1 National Development Planning Commission and United Nationals Development Programme (2015), Ghana Millennium Development Goals 2015 Report

2 Nora Judith Amu (2012), The role of women in Ghana’s economy




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