Speakers Groom Business Leaders at British Council Ghana Mini TEDxAccraSETalks


Speakers cultivate Ghana at  British Council Ghana Mini TEDxAccraSETalks

The first of 4 quarterly Mini TEDxSocialEntrepriseTalks hosted in partnership with TEDxAccra, SE Ghana and Impact Hub came off as scheduled on Friday, August 19th 2016. The maiden event dubbed ‘‘Customer Lifeline – Business Survival – How to make your customers profitable for your business” was held at the Impact Hub, Osu. Over 100 participants from diverse backgrounds attended this free event.

Opening the programme, Rev. Charles J. Buckman made the assertion that many young Ghanaian waste too much of their time in non-profitable activities.

Dr. George Amoako, acting Dean of the Central Business School  for the night highlighted the importance of customer satisfaction in maintaining customers.  He said that customers ‘buy benefits’ and not products or services per se. He encouraged entrepreneurs present to focus on the most important customers – the lifeline of their businesses. He used the Pareto 80-20 rule to elaborate his point. Dr. Amoako stated excellence, promptness and transparency as key to customer satisfaction.

Ms. Nadia Takyiwaa Mensah, the founder of Sixth Sense Manifesto and Sai a wine and champagne café was next to mount the podium. Nadia pointed out that in order for a business to stay above water, they had to know who they really wanted to impress and who they really wanted to become their customers and how to impress them. Nadia was of the view that start-ups did not have to settle for less just because they were relatively new in the space. She however advised that business which may seem unprofitable in monetary value could be considered if the end results were beneficial in terms of recognition or openings for other opportunities. Ms. Mensah also advised entrepreneurs to offer integrated services. In conclusion, Nadia asked entrepreneurs to have the guts to walk away even from seemingly big business if the customer was continuously taking the entrepreneur for granted.

Mrs. Priscilla Wellington Asante the Assistant Director of Marketing, Africa of Women in Tourism International Alliance (WITIA), was the next speaker.  Priscilla advised entrepreneurs to be willing to meet and exceed their customers’ needs in order to remain profitable. She said that there was the tendency by most businesses to rush on to getting the next customer forgetting that it was costlier to acquire a customer than to maintain one. She advised that a business concentrate on the customers they already have, making sure that they were satisfied, after which they could ‘milk the cow’.

She emphasized that an organizations customers were both internal and external and both of these groups of customers influenced the organizations bottom line.

Ms. Israella Kafui Mansu CEO of Mansuki Ghana Ltd producers of MGL Naturals was the last speaker for the night. According to Israella, her customers were key to her business and she had systems to ensure that her staff treats customers well. Israella said that she did a lot of research on Social Media to find out how prospective employees related in the Social Media Space before she considered them for employment. Ms. Mansu also shared that she found the use of Social Media for her marketing and prospecting way cheaper than other marketing and communication channels.

The event ended with a cocktail and networking session. Yawa HansenQuao, founder of Leading Ladie’ Network was the MC for the night.


The British Council Ghana is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities.  As a registered charity, the British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide.

TEDxAccra, brings people together to seek a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world, and to inspire ideas and action for a better future for us all.  Founded in April 2014, TEDxAccra is a 100% Community-Created and Not for Profit Organisation.




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