Africa have had her fair share of problems, from slavery, ethnic wars and genocides, food insecurity, political instability to challenges with the educational system, economy, energy and other sectors, but despite going through so much, this continent still keeps the hope of a prosperous Africa alive for the unborn, against all odds.

The continent itself has made some remarkable gains over the years. At the end of the cold war only three African countries (out of 53 at the time) had democracies; since then the number has risen to 25, of varying shades, and many more countries hold imperfect but worthwhile elections (22 in 2012 alone). Since 2000, GDP growth rates have averaged and often exceeded 5% per year. Between 1999 and 2012, Africa’s poverty rate fell from 58% to 43%, about 1 percentage point per year. Despite war and infectious diseases, Africans are now living longer than ever before—55 years on average, which is seven years more than a decade ago.

Secondary-school enrolment grew by 48% between 2000 and 2008 after many states expanded their education programmes and scrapped school fees. Sub-Saharan Africa has made huge leaps in the last decade. Malaria deaths in some of the worst-affected countries have declined by 30% and HIV infections by up to 74%. Real income per person has increased by more than 30%, whereas in the previous 20 years it shrank by nearly 10%. Africa is the world’s fastest-growing continent at the moment. Over the next decade its GDP is expected to rise by an average of 6% a year.

We believe ‘AFRICA RISES WHEN THE AFRICAN RISE’ therefore our (Rising Africa) main spotlight will be on the African and his achievements. While some are household names, others are unsung or totally unknown. All these achievers are making impact and showing future promises at the same time. These achievers are ordinary men and women who face the same challenges as every African but have risen above them to do something great for themselves and the continent.

What is Rising Africa?

Rising Africa is a cause we are championing to inspire the African to redefine what is possible. We want to do this mainly through building capacity and telling success stories of Africans and countries who have shown the ‘can do’ attitude despite all the challenges they face.

We will use several mediums to build capacity and tell our stories. Some of which includes

  • Radio and TV programs
  • Movies and Documentaries
  • Seminars, workshops and Conferences
  • Website
  • News magazines

It’s an exciting journey ahead as we hope to play a key role in Africa rising. Join the team lets work together for a great Africa as the best continent in the world. You will surely find a place to serve. WE CAN CHANGE AFRICA TOGETHER.

Sign up to join the team, you can also sign up your group, religious body or any institution. Mother Africa is calling. It’s time to work again for a better Africa.


Chief Dreamer

Rising Africa