Young Angolan woman organizes big art exhibit of her paintings to celebrate the African continent


Original article in Portuguese by Deslandes Monteiro

Inês Melina, a nineteen years old woman from Angola, is organizing a big exhibit of her paintings to celebrate the African continent.

Inês has been passionate about art since she was fifteen, specially African art; so much she said she can’t be without it in her personal and professional life.

The exhibit is called “Africa: I hear You”, and its goal is to show that there is more to Africa than simply misery and poverty. Africa is a continent filled with history, monuments and inspiring people, that stay strong, and persists with bravery and determination to achieve their goals.

“‘Africa: I Hear You’ is an artistic representation of the continent’s screams through paintings that express its energy, heritage, and motivation.”


Planned for December 22nd at Espaço Bahia, 7pm; The exhibit will feature a presentation by author Rosa Soares, and music by many notable artists, such as Selda, Gari Sinedima, Elizabeth Mambo, Memu Nigga, Mariedne da Silva and Evandro Almerindo. There will also be body and face painting, as well as poetry by Pedro Belgio, Bel Neto, and Mbanza.

Inês Melina paints about anything. Versatility is one of the most recognizable traits of her work. She paints the world, but always trying to underline the beauty of the African People.

When asked about why she decided to make her first grand exhibit about Africa, Inês Melina explained that she was taught to learn and value her roots, and from there grew her thirst for knowledge about Africa, and now she felt it is necessary share it with the world.


Inês Melina is also the agent of author Rosa Soares, Melina currently lives in Portugal, where she studies design. She publishes some of her work on Instagram (@inesmelina_arts), and along with some friends, she created the Art Music Concept, which evolved to ACL – Art Colour Lovers, a group of sketch artists passionate about art.