Why the narrative needs to change


“Africa is a brand”.
The continent of Africa got its name from Greek and Latin travellers who viewed Africa as a place of darkness or heat. That brand has stuck and its been handed down from generation to generation.orishas

Africa in the 20th and 21st century has been branded as a place of poverty, depravity, violence, diseases, ugliness and disaster. The African has also has his fair share of derogatory brands with quotes such as: “Black man, black mind”. It is fitting that this brand should change. The continous branding of Africa as backward does not in anyway describe what Africa is nor does it do justice to the amazing people that live in it.
“Rebranding Africa”
Is Africa so hopeless that nothing good can come out of it? The answer is no. Africa is rich with a colourful population, culture, language palate, history and civilization. Africa has many selling points but the best tool to market Africa is its people. The people of Africa and those of African descent are in the best position to raise Africa up to the status it deserves.

“Rising Africa”
The 21st century with the advent of internet and social media offers a unique opportunity for Africans to document and showcase the strides Africans have made in impacting humanity. From the sciences, humanities, sports, business circles and politics, Africans have contributed their quota to make the world a better place.
“Rising Africa” is more than a brand. It is a movement that seeks to rebrand the continent and give it a new personality. We have to let people learn about the vibrant and buoyant character of our continent and its people. The best part of this movement is that it is being done by Africans themselves. There is so much to celebrate about being African, and being black. Join the movement that highlights the achievements of the African community. Share in the cause of “Rising Africa”.




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