Welcome to Happy Marriage Memos


Welcome to Happy Marriage Memos
by John Kpikpi

We are excited to have your company and we hope you will enjoy reading the memos.  More than that, we hope that they will be informative and even life-changing! I once heard of a lady who gave her son a brand new motorbike for his twenty-first birthday.  In his excitement, though he had not taken any driving instruction, the young man took it out on the open road that very day and was involved in an accident.

What should have been an exciting and joyful experience ended in injury and pain.  So it can be with marriage if we enter into it ill-informed and ill-prepared.  On the contrary, if we ‘read the maker’s instructions before use’ marriage can be one of the greatest blessings open to us on earth.

We wouldn’t dream of embarking on, say an accounting job without any training in accountancy.  Who would like to be treated by a ‘doctor’ with no medical training?  We know that for these important activities we need to be trained and, indeed, we are prepared to spend several years and pay considerable amounts in tuition fees in order to gain this training.

Yet when it comes to marriage many of us dive right in without a thought beyond arrangements for the engagement ceremony or what we will wear on the wedding day or what guests will eat or who should or shouldn’t be on the guest list.


After all, we all know what marriage is about, don’t we?  We see it all around us as we are growing up, we read about it in novels and we sing along with the popular music about unending love and passion.

But this is dangerous!  Would you think that you knew how to ride a motorbike because you had seen many people riding one?  Moreover, the marriages we are taking as our models are often unhappy.  The divorce statistics tell us that many marriages are running aground alarmingly quickly.

Equally sad is the situation of couples who remain together but are merely enduring their marriage.  But this does not need to be the case for any of us if we will take the time to find out, from the maker of marriage, what marriage really is, how we should enter into it, and what makes it continue to work and be the wonderful blessing it was designed to be.  When we read Genesis Chapter Two we discover who the Maker really is.

God is the Inventor and the Giver of marriage.  He wants you to enjoy it to the full and He is ready to show you how.  We hope that these memos, short extracts of God’s ‘blueprint’ for marriage, will be like a ray of sunshine in the confusion surrounding marriage and that they will encourage you to contact the Maker for further instructions.  He is waiting to help you with every question and problem.  Connect with us here for the first Memo next Friday morning!


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