Using handmade as a means of empowerment

Helping others through charity!


 11040266_1068445706515097_285980796_nMeet Fijerique Koffi-Tessio, a young inspiring woman living in Lome, Togo who’s dream is to have her own business one day. She knows how to use her artistic talents to make jewelry and other artifacts.

She speaks French, English and Spanish and works with other females who have talents such as sewing batik clothing, carving wooden animals, making fans with palm trees and many more handmade goods. She’s an inspiration to all of us because she likes to help people through charity and takes care of children who she didn’t give birth to.

Can you believe that most of the women she works with have all of this knowledge but sometimes they can’t afford a decent meal? How can we help them so they can support their families?

This might sound pretty simple but in reality it takes hard work like gathering volunteers together and financial resources to get to this objective. Luckily, we have nonprofits like Afri(K)que Limited to help us, one female at a time. At Afri(K)que we recognize the importance of empowering females through the arts.

We have Board Members and volunteers working side by side  and who are willing to give back to the poor, homeless and poor. In order for us to continue being the voice of the socially and economically disadvantaged, we need to pass the word on about the good deeds that are being done right in front of our eyes on a daily basis. Wherever you’re at in the world maybe you can help us! I believe we can all help bring change just by sharing each other’s success stories. We work with an active team of volunteers in the US and Togo willing to meet with these females, survey their needs and make sure that their becoming self-sufficient. We promote handmade artwork at events, celebrations, fairs, hospitals, schools, churches and more.
All these pieces of artwork that are being created with love by women we work with in Lome, Togo are being showcased in the United States. At this present time we’re helping 3 women out of poverty. Our goal for 2016 is to be able to sponsor more females so they can feel empowered. I believe that my calling is to help others through charity! What’s your calling? Have you discovered it yet? If not, join us in changing and empowering lives! Together we can be the difference!