The Best Gift Of The Day

The Best Gift Of The Day
by John Kpikpi

On their wedding day, the couple are often swamped with presents, usually beautifully wrapped, from their many well-wishers, friends and relatives.  They look forward to getting home and opening the parcels one after the other, enjoying all the many different gifts that have been showered on them that day.  But the best gift of the day for the couple isn’t contained in any of the carefully wrapped boxes – it is the gift of a husband to the bride and the gift of a wife to the groom. The giver here is God, who made the man and the woman, shaping them so exquisitely that they would desire each other to such an extent that they would choose to live together for the rest of their lives.  The best gift for the husband on the day is his wife and the best gift for the wife on the day is her husband.

Now let’s consider the wonder of these gifts from God.

  1. Beyond compare.Compared with all the other gifts we take home, the persons who just got married stand in a completely different class. Some of the other gifts can cover our beds, decorate our rooms, make coffee, play music, etc. but none comes near the versatility and wonder of a person. A person can see you, hear you, admire you, talk to you, feel you, move, walk, think, understand (sometimes!), get angry, calm down, enjoy a meal, laugh, cry, have sex, argue, sing, plan ahead, complain, approve and disapprove – all the incredible range of things that this ‘product’ called a human being is able to do.  One man who was reflecting on his own body and its amazing endowments said “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).  Yes, your husband is a masterpiece of God and your wife is a wonderful part of creation. Stop for a moment and consider what it would take to make something that could do all the things that your spouse is able to do! You will find yourself praising God and giving thanks for such a treasure – perhaps more than all the talk and praise that has been going on about the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy!
  1. A treasure to keep and protect. Without doubt your wife or your husband is the greatest and most wonderful earthly treasure you can have. We all know what we do with what we treasure: we cherish it (treat it with tenderness and affection; hold it dear), speak excitedly about it, do everything to protect it and enjoy it as much as we can.   Husbands and wives will be doing each other a world of good if they cherish, speak with excitement about, protect and enjoy each other way beyond any other earthly treasure they have. Your spouse is simply precious and beyond any price.  A man who hits his wife because she has broken the flat-screen TV needs a complete overhaul in his value system. And a woman who leaves her husband because someone is offering her a brand new car needs a complete re-education in what life and marriage is about. May such things never happen!
  1. Made in His image. The wonder and the limitless value of your spouse derives directly from the truth that he/she was made in God’s image.  Now that’s explosive. Your husband is a ‘highly shrunken’ but tangible version of God near you and so is your wife.  If husbands love their wives, it is a loud show of love for God and if wives love their husbands, it is a sure way of saying, “I love God”.  To attack your wife or husband is to attack God and you certainly do not want to put yourself on the wrong side of God! Take another look at your spouse, reflect on the wonderful treasure you’ve been given and say thank you to God for this beautiful and amazing gift.

PrintIn the words of an old song, “Find one hundred ways” to say and show how much you love and appreciate each other.  Husbands, tell your wife how lovely she is to you, how much you appreciate her, how much you look forward to seeing her when you get back at the end of the day.  Even if you have seen her in a particular dress before, she will still love to hear you say she looks beautiful in it!  Wives, tell your husband what you love about him, what you admire about him, what makes him so special to you.  Drop everything you are doing when you next see him and give him a hug and a kiss!


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