Guidelines for landing Your Desired Job


A recent Forbes article reported that over half of Americans don’t like their current jobs. Work-life balance, too much stress and low pay were cited as some of the reasons for such high levels of dissatisfaction.

Considering this high level of dissatisfaction, we at Group NB, have come up with guidelines to help you land your desired job. The following are tips which will help you get that superstar job you’ve always dreamed of, while managing the current one.

Accept Reality

While your current job may suck, it pays your bills. Any knee-jerk reaction could have grave consequences for you and your family. The best way is to carry on with the current job, while searching for the desired one.


Do What You Love

There is no point in shifting to another job if you are going to face similar circumstances, mentally and professionally. The key is to do what you love. Think of any hobby or the things you like to do; there is a good chance you can make money out of it too. Since the advent of the internet, endless possibilities have sprung up for individuals to make money while still doing what they love.

Improve Your Resume

The importance of a good, compelling resume is well known. It’s what you bank on to leave that first positive impression and must be up to the task if you want to hear back from your prospective employer. Using the services of a professional writer is also a good idea; it will cost you money but it’s totally worth it.

Acquire New Skills

You’d be amazed to know what an extra skill or certification could do for your career. Be it learning a programming language, SEO skills or any other professional trait which helps you stand out from the rest. There are a lot of good websites like Khan Academy and Codecademy, to name a few, which provide training courses on different subjects, free of cost. Yes, you read that right: they’re absolutely FREE.

Involve Recruitment Firms

It is always a good idea to register with recruitment firms whenever searching for jobs. They are professionals whose primary role is to get people hired. They can get you places which may not be possible to reach on your own.

Expand Your Network

Knowing the right people at the right places often does the trick when it comes to getting the right job. Attend workshops, seminars and reach out to influential people. Channel your people management skills, explain to them your key objective etc. If done properly, a lot of favorable outcomes can arise and help you in achieving your job hunting objectives.

These are some of the most important points that should be considered when looking for new work opportunities. At Group NB job agency, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.




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