Easy selling at Jiji.ng


There are a lot of ways to sell things you don’t need any more nowadays, but Jiji.ng is definitely the most effective one. This is a classifieds website, where people post their adverts, and they do it for free. Due to the simple smart interface, using Jiji is really easy and convenient.

jiji 1

To start, you should register at the website.

jiji 2

Fill in the registration form (indicate your email, create a password, indicate your First and Last (this one is optional) names, indicate whether you are an individual or representing a company, agree to the terms and Register). To make everything work even more quickly, just click on Register with Facebook.

jiji 3

Then you should Sign in.

jiji 4

You sign in either with Facebook or using email and password, depending on how you registered.

jiji 5

Then you can Post FREE Ad.

jiji 6

Look at the following pictures. They are the example of how to complete the form. You only need to replace the suggested information with your own data.

jiji 7


jiji 8


jiji 9


jiji 10


jiji 11


jiji 12


jiji 13


jiji 14


jiji 15


jiji 16

Make sure you filled in all lines, and then Post an advert.

Jiji is known for its reliability. You are dealing only with real people. Speaking about privacy and safety, you shouldn’t be worried about them either. So, open Jiji.ng and make all the advantages work for you.