WAKE-UP CALL: Dear African Women


As  2017 started I am sitting here thinking about the bird symbol of Sankofa because to me this symbol is so beautiful and mysterious at the same time. Sankofa is a word in the twi language of Ghana and is often associated with the proverb: “ It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten”. ( Wikipedia )

So women let’s not forget that many years ago in the African society women were equal if not superior to men. African societies were matriarchal and we as women played such an important role in the economy, we promoted exchange and redistribution and because of that we had a growing economy. So it’s sad to see the statistics about African women nowadays.

According to statistics between 48 and 65% of African women do live in poverty. This has to change, it is time to re-invest our efforts in the economy again, we did it once before so we can do it once again. The past showed us that we are amazing business women and I can say that with pride since I was born in a  country were 40% of women are businesswomen ( Angola ) , it is time to play a key role in the economy again and to promote exchange and redistribution amongst women. When I say this,  please do not forget to share this with the men you know and to let them participate in this fight.

As a 2016-2017 UN Empower Woman for Change I realised that this problem does stop us from combining a professional and a family life, because first of all those women need to be taken out of poverty to provide for their family and be able to have a good balance between  the job and the family. This takes a toll on us sometimes…..

Many of us are starting businesses at home to be able to take care of the household without loosing an income. But others are still trying to find out what to do from home, they ask themselves: what skill can I offer to others that people will be willing to pay for? My idea is to privide those women with another alternative: a passive income to help them.

Yes, I decided to take a challenge in 2017 and give a webinar to maximum 10 women. My target audiences are: Single African women between 21 and 65 years old living in the urban cities who have a minimum of a high school degree, who are working and do not have ANY experience whatsoever with foreign exchange by investing in stocks.

My goal is to pass you my knowledge about financial literacy by investing in stocks: learning about foreign exchange and how the economy works in your country for women who know almost nothing about foreign exchange and who never invested in stocks

The webinar will be on Monday 27 march at 4: 30pm ( GMT­+1 ). The first 10 women who will send me an e-mail about why they are interested in this webinar will obtain their places. Please send an email to: jovitamiala@gmail.com



Maria Pedro Miala is a Mother, 2016-2017 Champion for Change at Empower Women for UN Women. She is a Changemaker, a Volunteer Writer for RisingAfrica.org, a Mentor to African Students and has 10 years experience as a Nurse in Health Care.


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