25 Year- Old Julius Dzagbletey gives hope to the hopeless


Recently Dzagbletey Faith Adabah Julius was selected as one of Coca-cola’s 60 young Ghanaian achievers in commemorating Ghana’s 60th independence anniversary. The Rising Africa team (RA) caught up with him to know more about him and his work.

RA -Briefly Tell Us who Julius is?

17554458_646078265593513_7488692349706629718_nJulius -I am a 25-year-old student of the University of Ghana and a very passionate Youth Development Activist. I believe that for national development to see the light of the day, the potentials of the youth shouldn’t be underestimated but nurtured. Julius believes in “motivational doing”. This led my team and I to start SpreadAid International to impart the lives of many across Ghana.

RA -Tell us about SpreadAid International and some of your success stories.

Julius -SpreadAid International is a student based Not for Profit Organisation that believes the greatest fulfillment in life is to be the reason why others are happy and being the solution to their problems.

For this reason, SpreaidAid decided to bring hope to the hopeless. Our vision is to Put Back Smiles on Faces, Unearth Selfless leaders through seminars, workshops, mentorship, Homing the Less privileged and Street Children, Improving teaching and learning methodologies in elementary schools among others.


SpreadAid since its birth has imparted the lives of over 5000 through empowerment seminars and visits to orphanages and schools.

December 3 of 2016 wouldn’t have been complete without what we dubbed “SpreadAid Disability Empowerment Day” through which the lives of over 200 people living with various forms of disabilities were imparted.

The journey is still on, we are pressing on to permanently have a positive impart on the lives of many.

RA -Describe your passion for the youth in Ghana and one major thing you will like to see the youth excel in.

Julius -I often describe the youth as the fuelled vehicle for national development because at this stage, there is a lot of zeal to succeed. As Dr. Myles rightly put it, the biggest tragedy is not death but a life without purpose. My deepest desire is for the youth to discover their God given purpose on earth and go all out for it.


RA -Do you have challenges in funding your projects? If you do, how are you working to overcome this and other challenges?

Julius -It is without doubt that the first challenge that every organisation would make mention of in our part of the world especially has to do with funding. Presently, we are undertaking a number of projects that are in line with our vision and at the same time raising capital to undertake major projects on our calendar.

RA -Tell us about your “Project 5000”?

Julius -“Project 5000”, which started in 2016, is geared towards the fruition of helping to sharpen the minds of our children who are the potential solutions to today’s challenges.
Through this, 10 schools in 5 regions have been visited imparting the lives of over 2000 with stationery and other learning aids worth over GH 45,000.00


A part of “Project 5000” is “Build the Child today, Save Tomorrow” which is an annual pre-BECE seminar that hosts about 500 candidates from various basic schools. A very important aspect of this seminar is the “what next after school” session where candidates are helped to discover opportunities that awaits them after their examinations and what to expect in their next level of education.

RA -What does the future hold for you and your foundation?

Julius -I see the future where young ones are doing things they are passionate about and not being influenced by money. I also see SpreadAid Schools where children are not just taught and made memory banks but are guided to apply what they have learnt. I see the now “homeless” back to the street but this time to take many more from the streets into SpreadAid Homes where they will have families.

RA -How do you feel being part of the Coca-Cola 60 young achievers in Ghana?

Julius -The feeling is that of increased responsibility. It simply communicates to me that there are people who are watching from afar and would like to encourage me to fulfill that purpose of God of putting back smiles on faces.

RA -Given 1 million dollars, what will project 5000 use it for?

Julius -When given 1 million dollars, SpreadAid will begin a City with this amount; A city that will not only change lives but leave a permanent influence. This city will have three sectors, The Educational Complex, Industrial Complex and The Homing Complex.

Thank you Julius for your time. Rising Africa wishes you and your team all the best.

To know more about SpreadAid International visit their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram portals.





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